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수개월? 동안의 서혜부 비대? 및 전신 부종으로 내원, 전신적 질환 평가위해 설명 후 의뢰 - 동대문구 답십리, 능동, 우리안애 우리안愛 내과

30대 후반 남자, 광진구에서 방문한 초진

서혜부가 피곤할때 비대해진다?

몸이 붓기도... 손이 뻑뻑하기도...

아래 내용을 보시고 내원

pitting edema +- 확인

겨드랑이에서도 가끔 만져진다.

서혜부를 관찰; 양측 3~4 cm 이상의 윤곽으로 촉진에 통증없이 양측에 올라와 있는 것이 확인됨

증상의 기간이 6개월...

성병등 전신적 질환도 구별해야하나 종양성 병변 배제도 필요하여 다른 이유로 3차 병원 다니고 있고 동병원 감염내과를 통한 평가를 시작해보기로 안내하였다. ​


Inguinal lymphadenopathy is a nonspecific finding (비특이적인 소견) that is characteristic of inflammatory pathology almost anywhere in the groin or either lower extremity. It may also be a manifestation of systemic disease, such as HIV infection (HIV감염), tuberculosis (결핵), or lymphoma (림프종). It often accompanies genital infection (생식기감염). Although the inguinal and femoral lymph nodes drain the genital region in both men and women, the inner segment of the vagina and the cervix drain into deep pelvic and perirectal lymph nodes. Anorectal lymph drainage (항문직장부위 병변) patterns are also complex and depend on whether infection occurs above or below the dentate line (the mucocutaneous junction in the rectum) In either case, if pelvic lymph nodes are involved in inflammatory genital pathology, pelvic or rectal discomfort may be the most striking symptom.

Bilateral inguinal lymphadenopathy (양측 림프절 병변) is typical in syphilis (매독). Like the chancre of primary syphilis, it is usually painless (통증이 없는). In secondary syphilis, as befitting a systemic process, lymphadenopathy distant from the genital area is common. Typically, the inguinal, axillary, cervical, and epitrochlear nodes are involved.54 Lymphadenopathy associated with a herpetic genital lesion (헤르페스) is usually bilateral (양측) and, like the lesion, also is tender (압통이 있는). In HSV infection and in syphilis, lymphadenopathy persists for some time after resolution of the lesion.

LGV and chancroid are characterized by expansive, tender lymph nodes called buboes. These may be unilateral or bilateral. A central area of fluctuance often develops; if left untreated, it eventually spontaneously ruptures. Although drainage may be spontaneous, tenderness can become sufficiently severe to warrant intervention and drainage. Lymphadenitis is unusual in granuloma inguinale.

증상의 시간이 얼마 되지 않았다면 비뇨기과를 통한 평가가 우선되는 것이 효율적일 것으로 생각된다.


동대문구 답십리 우리안애, 우리안愛 내과, 건강검진 클리닉 내과 전문의 전병연


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